It has been a glorious week at St. Michael School!  Although it was a four day week, it was certainly packed with lots of learning and community building taking place.  As we enter a new month this week ahead – we are reminded that even though the calendar is showing a busy month – our focus continues to be on learning and student achievement.  We are rooting for you Angels and we will journey alongside you as you succeed and move forward in your learning!


Special thanks goes out to our St. Michael Catholic Advisory Committee for organizing a wonderful event in which Dr. Jen Forrestill from the Umbrella Project came to discuss Umbrella Parenting.  We had wonderful vendors and lots of prizes that we were able to deliver to the participants. Thank you to all who were able to come and take home the messaging that we need to build our children’s umbrellas in order for them to cope with everyday challenges moving forward in their lives. Our parent community always continues to support the learning in our schools – for students and also for themselves! 



What an amazing sight to see staff, police and students walking together to school this week.  Staff went to the neighbourhoods of where some our our students reside and walked with them to school to engage and build relationships.  Students were a little uncertain at first, seeing their teachers in their neighbourhoods first thing in the morning, but that uncertainty was followed up by a big smiles as they walked side by side with the staff.  What a great community event that we know will continue to grow each year!


We are busy preparing our Grade 7 students for the Sacrament of Confirmation.  They participated in a retreat held at St. Clement’s Parish and had a great time reinforcing their sacramental learning in fun and engaging ways.  Confirmation rehearsal is on Tuesday April 30th at 7pm.


Please continue to ensure that your child/ren have indoor shoes at school at all times.  It helps in keeping our students safe and our school clean!


Some of St. Michael’s finest Angels took their coding skills to showcase at the Coding Quest event this week.  They were able to engage with other students across our Board and share their coding designs. We are proud of you Angels!


Just a reminder that we are continuing to put more and more items on cash online, including permission forms and payment for all school events and activities.  We will be looking to try to reduce the amount of paper being sent home and the amount of money travelling back and forth to school with your children. The link to sign up and REGISTER for Cash Online is below:

Please sign up today!!

  • Mon. April 29 – CAT4 Testing (Grade 7)
  • Tues. April 30 – Confirmation Rehearsal (7pm)
  • Wed. May 1 – Track and Field Assembly in gym (AM)
  • Thurs. May 2 – High Jump Grades 4-8 in Gym
  • Fri. May 3 – Frozen Yogurt Sales
  • Mon. May 6 – Catholic Education Week begins!
  • Mon. May 6 – Liturgy and Umbrella Theme Celebration (10:45am)
  • Tues. May 7 – Grade 8 – One Voice Assembly at St. Benedict 
  • Tues. May 7 – Comic Book Art Tour – Grades 2-5
  • Tues. May 7 – Confirmation at St. Clement’s Church (7pm)
  • Wed. May 8 – Festival of Trees Book Awards
  • Wed. May 8 – Track and Field Meet at St. Benedict (Gr 4-8)
  • Thurs. May 9 – Lang’s Mental Health Fair (Intermediate students)
  • Thurs. May 9 – Grade 2 First Communion School Retreat
  • Thurs. May 9 – St. Michael Catholic Advisory Committee Mtg at St. Benedict (6:45pm)
  • Fri. May 10 – Stewards of the Earth Clean Up – (1:45pm)
  • Sun. May 12 – First Holy Communion at St. Clements Parish (2pm)