Easter Prayer

Lord, You have arisen forever in my Heart!

May the sunrise remind me to shine in Your light.

May the caress of a gentle breeze remind me of Your compassion.

May the fragrance of a flower reminds me to blossom in Your love.

May the singing of birds brings a song of joy to my lips.

And in the closing of each day may I remember to quietly pray.

Wherever I am, whatever I do may my thoughts in joy return to You!


Catholic Education Week – Living As Joyful Disciples

May 5 – May 10, 2019

This year’s Catholic Education Week theme is “Living as Joyful Disciples.”

There are five sub-themes for each day of Catholic Education Week:

Day 1: Rooted in Prayer, Day 2: Living in Community, Day 3: Doing Justice & Creating Hope,

Day 4: Journeying Together in Faith, Day 5: Sharing the Good News

Every year, the Ontario Catholic School Trustees’ Association (OCSTA) provides our Catholic schools with a resource kit to help schools prepare for Catholic Education Week. Using these resources, as well as our own developed activities, we are preparing a series of activities, which will highlight how the students and staff at our school are Living as Joyful Disciples.

We hope to see many of you during our school celebrations.

Emergency Drills:

Spring brings us the opportunity to practice our emergency preparedness. In the coming few months we will hold our three spring fire drills and one lockdown as part of our school emergency response plan.

Street Safety:

Waterloo Regional Police are asking that you review the important street safety precautions with your child(ren) discussed in school, in order to help support and reinforce school safety program;

  • Play safe and play together. Do not play in remote areas of parks or take short cuts through the woods.
  • Do not wander on the way to or from school.
  • Do not go ANYWHERE with a stranger and do not accept rides for any reason. Do not be afraid to say “NO” to any request and run away quickly.
  • Advise an adult of any suspicious strangers right away.
  • Do not accept any treats i.e. candies, toys or money from a stranger for any reason.
  • Always notify your parent where you are and where you are going, especially if it is a change in routine.

Prevention and Management of Infectious Diseases:

The daily mix of students and staff provides numerous opportunities for germs to be passed between everyone in these settings, especially from child to child. Children are natural explorers of their environments, play closely together and readily share their possessions, food and germs. Good hygiene provides protection against acquiring many infections. This includes encouraging everyone, including students and staff members, to cough or sneeze to the elbow, dispose of any used tissues in the garbage and wash hands after using a tissue,coming into contact with secretions from the mouth or nose, after using the washroom and before eating. People must also avoid sharing anything that comes into contact with their mouth (drinks, straws, cigarettes, lipstick, lip balm, mouth guards, etc.).


Regular and thorough washing of hands with soap and water is one of the most effective ways of keeping ourselves healthy and stopping the spread of infection to others. Properly washing hands will physically remove germs that have been picked up through daily activity before they can be transferred to our mouths, nose or eyes (which are common entry points for germs into our bodies). When hands are not visibly soiled and hand washing facilities are not immediately available, alcohol-based hand rub can be used to kill germs on the hands.

When to wash hands:
Hands should be washed for at least 15 seconds (the time it takes to sing “Happy Birthday” twice) in the following situations:
• Whenever hands are visibly dirty
• Before and after meals or snacks
• Before and after preparing food
• After using the toilet
• After blowing your nose
• After handling pets or animals

How to wash hands:
• Use warm water to wet your wrists and hands
• Add enough soap to get a good lather when you rub your hands together
• Scrub your palms and the areas between fingers and the thumb. Scrub for at least 15 seconds
• Rinse your hands in warm water until the soap lather is gone.
• Dry your hands using a paper towel (or your own clean towel)

  • Sun. Apr 7 – First Comminicant’s Family Mass – 9:00am
  • Mon. Apr 8 – CCAT Grade 4 Testing starts
  • Fri. Apr 12 – PD Day
  • Mon. Apr 15 – 17 – Camp Brebeuf Trip – Grade 8
  • Mon. Apr 15 – U of W Developmental Testing JK to Gr 1
  • Tues. Apr 16 – DIY Club – 3:30pm
  • Thurs. April 18 – Burrito Day
  • Fri. Apr 19 – Good Friday
  • Mon. Apr 22 – Easter Monday
  • Tues. Apr 23 – Field trip Schneider Haus (Rm 10)
  • Wed. Apr 24 – Grade 7 Confirmation Retreat
  • Wed. Apr 24 – Walk in their Sneakers Event
  • Thurs. Apr 25 – Umbrella Parent Night (5:30-7:30)
  • Thurs. Apr 25 – Field trip to Schneider Haus (Rms 12-13)