We are fully into the New Year and students have been working on all sorts of goals to better themselves academically and socially.  They have been engaged in lots of thoughtful activities and discussions to enhance their learning and success!  This is the last week of January and we will continue to work on the Umbrella theme of Authenticity!  We continue to look for students to showcase who they really are and to let their God-given gifts shine brightly for all to see!  We have so many amazing Angels among us and we are walking proud this month at St. Michael!


Students have been working towards building their competency when it comes to their numeracy skills.  They are learning many strategies to support their thinking and are working on showcasing their learning.  We continue to be blessed to have Mrs. Mina, our Instructional Math Coach onsite this month to better support this learning with students in small groups.  Academics is a high priority at St. Michael and we are making progress!


Thank you to our amazing Library Tech Mrs. Starr who takes numerous hours of time to prepare her students for the annual Skills Canada Competition coming up soon.  We had two representative from St. Michael School that were able to get a morning of learning on how to create an App.  We are excited to see our Angels grow in the area of technology and to shine at the upcoming Skills Competition.


They will continue to run on Fridays for the various divisions.  Tell your children to listen to the announcements.  Thank you to Mrs. Eugenio and Miss Comeau for supporting this great initiative.  It is a definite hit with our students!


Our Catholic School Advisory Council made up of parents and staff have made some purchases recently to help support the learning goals of our students.  Our Primary Division are utilizing greenhouses to showcase the stages of growing plants and vegetables.  Students are excited to see the various things they will be able to grow and to experiment along the way!  One student was caught saying “I wonder if I take a pumpkin seed and try to grow it inside – will a pumpkin actually grow!”  Great inquiry happening!

In addition, we were able to offer the Scientists in Schools Program to many classes at St. Michael.  This program brings real live science right to the classrooms with students exploring various themes such as structures, heat, air, water.  Parent volunteers help for the day and students get to try on the various hands on activities offered.  What a great way to engage in the learning!


At St. Michael we rely on our older students to be role models for our younger grades.  They are doing a remarkable job as they take on the role of learning buddies very seriously!  We have paired up each class to ensure that everyone has a chance to engage in learning with another class and to provide some leadership opportunities for our older students.  Activities include reading together, technology, creating and building and art!  Take a look at the pictures of our buddies exploring google slides!


On Wednesday we will be creating awareness of mental health issues at St. Mike’s!  Our Student Leadership Team has been preparing students for Bell Let’s Talk Day – a day designated to end the stigma around mental illness.  We have been sharing trivia questions and announcements about the importance of mental health all week.  We have completed classroom presentations and created bulletin boards for the whole school to learn and participate in the day.  Please encourage your son/daughter to wear BLUE that day to commemorate the importance.  It is a Spirit Day so the St. Michael t-shirt will be perfect!!  We will continue to talk about mental health and its importance throughout the year!


  • Mon. Jan 27 – Skills Team Mtg at lunch
  • Mon. Jan 27 – ECO Team mtg at lunch
  • Wed. Jan 29 – Bell Let’s Talk Day! Wear BLUE!
  • Wed. Jan 29 – Safety Village AM – Comiskey’s class
  • Thurs. Jan 30 – Intermediate Science Fair
  • Thurs. Jan 30 – Constable Fearon visiting the Intermediates
  • Fri. Jan 31 – Hat Day!
  • Fri. Jan 31 – Movie and Popcorn Lunch (Primary)
  • Fri. Jan 31 – Scientists in Schools – Primary
  • Fri. Jan 31 – Jiggly Jump Presentation for Primary Students
  • Fri. Jan 31 – Skills Team Mtg at Lunch
  • Sun. Feb 2 – First Communion Parent Child Workshop (8:45am)
  • Tues. Feb 4 – Spirit Assembly – AM
  • Tues. Feb 4 – Kindergarten Registration – (9:30-11:30)
  • Tues. Feb 4 – Grade 8 Scientists in Schools
  • Wed. Feb 5 – World Read Aloud Day
  • Wed. Feb 5 – Kindergarten Registration – (4:00-7:00)
  • Thurs. Feb 6 – Kindergarten Registration – (1:00-3:00)
  • Thurs. Feb 6 – Grade 7 Scientists in Schools
  • Fri. Feb 7 – Movie and Popcorn Lunch (Junior)