Wishing all of our Angel families a blessed Thanksgiving!  This time of year puts us all in the mindset of giving thanks for the blessings in our lives, and expressing appreciation for each other.  It allows us to view our world through a lens of gratitude. As families in Canada gather around dinner tables to celebrate this holiday, we will be giving thanks for our family, friends, good health and the wonderful St. Michael community.  May you and your loved ones enjoy all of the warm blessings that this holiday has to offer.


Thank you for your amazing generous spirit in supporting our Thanksgiving Food Drive. We are a blessed community with so much to give – and our Angel’s did not let us down!  All of the food that was brought in during this campaign will go to the less fortunate in our community.  Our school goal was to bring in 600 items but we surpassed this goal reaching a total of 720 items!  Way to go everyone and a special thank you goes out to the Make a Change Committee for their work in supporting this great cause!


Just a reminder that you must have a parking pass to enter into the Kiss and Drop Parking that is designated for our JK/SK families.  In addition, when using this service you must pull up to the parking area and place the car in park.  There are parent and student volunteers that are there to help your child arrive safely in the Kindergarten outside play area.  All staff and volunteers will be wearing vests that will identify that they are there to help.   Parking is not allowed in the front of the school.  If you would like to park your car and walk your child to the JK/SK area, then please ensure that you park on Winterhalt Drive at the back of the school or on the street parking.  The front of the school is for bus traffic and Kiss and Drop only.  Thanks for your help and understanding as we all work towards a safer school experience for all.

HALLOWEEN DANCE A THON!                                 

Our major fundraiser is just around the corner and we need your support.  We are holding our Dance a Thon on Halloween.  Pledge forms have already gone home and we are excited at the opportunity to raise funds for the many school initiatives such as as new technology, pride of place initiatives and experiential opportunities for our students!  We hope to raise over 8000 as a school community!  Please consider pledging your child/ren for this great cause!


Monday October 14th – Thanksgiving Day (no school)

Tuesday, October 15 – Catholic School Advisory Council Mtg 6pm

Wednesday October 16 – Intermediate Homework Club

Thursday October 17 – Intermediate Homework Club

Friday October 18 – Laurier Football Field Trip

Wednesday October 23 – JK/SK Steckle Farm Trip

Friday October 25 – PD Day