Thank you to our wonderful parent community who have taken the time to welcome me to St. Michael School.  I am very honoured to serve as Principal and although our relationship is just starting, I know it will be a long and fruitful one!  Please ensure that you introduce yourself when you are in the school.  I would love to connect!


St. Michael School is a busy one with so many activities offered to students throughout the course of the day.  Students are walking the halls with smiles on their faces and love in their hearts!  On Friday our Early Years and Primary divisions celebrated the 100th day of school!  Special activities and rotations took place as students felt proud of the accomplishment of being at school for 100 days!  The smiles on the faces below say it all!


February is in full swing at St. Michael’s and our new Umbrella Theme is Mindfulness.  A special thank you to Mrs. Dickert and Mrs. Eugenio and their students for introducing the new theme at our recent school wide assembly. Our Angels accept the challenge this month to be more mindful!  Check out below for an activity to promote mindfulness at home!

Mindful Posing

One easy way for children to dip their toes into mindfulness is through the simple method of body poses. To get your kids interested, tell them that doing fun poses can help them feel strong, brave, and happy.

Have them go somewhere quiet and familiar, a place they feel safe. Next, tell them to try one of the following two poses:

  1. The Superman: this pose is practiced by standing with the feet just wider than the hips, fists clenched, and arms reached out, stretching the body out as long as possible.
  2. The Wonder Woman: this pose is struck by standing tall with legs wider than hip-width apart and hands or fists placed on the hips (Karen Young, 2017).


Although we have spirit every day of the week – we invite all students to wear their St. Michael spirit wear or school colours on Wednesdays!  It is great to see the school pride of the Angels glowing brightly on these days!



We know that with the cold weather there has been an increase in parent pick up and drop off.  This means more cars in our parking areas.  Please use caution when entering the school zone area. In addition, the parking spots out front are only to be used for what they are designated for.  Please do not park in the designated ACCESSIBLE parking.  This parking is for adults and children who have mobility concerns and have an approved permit positioned on their windshield.  If you park there without a proper permit we will have to ask you to leave immediately or you will be ticketed.  We have many walkers and we want to ensure that they all arrive to school safely.  Thank you for understanding.


Just a reminder that it is very cold these days and we are still seeing some students without proper clothing to ensure they are kept warm outside.  Please send your child with snowpants, boots, a warm jacket, hat mitts and scarves. All students deserve the opportunity to play outside and exert their energy and we want them to be safe, including being warm enough to play.  Please label all items prior to sending them to school.  Thanks for your help with this!

FEBRUARY FITBIT – Cooking with Children  

Involving children in menu planning, grocery shopping and food preparation with age-appropriate tasks has huge rewards for the entire family, including spending quality time together, building important life skills and boosting self-confidence. Children are more likely to taste and eat foods they help prepare, and will become better at choosing and eating healthy foods for themselves. Each child is different in their growth, development, and readiness – gradually build on their skills in the kitchen as they are ready and able to do so safely. To help get you started, age appropriate tasks can be found at Unlock Food; some include:

  • Two to three year olds may wash vegetables and fruit and help find ingredients in the kitchen
  • Four to six year olds may stir, slice soft items with a plastic knife (e.g. a banana) and may assemble foods (e.g. yogurt parfaits)
  • Six to eight year olds may use simple kitchen equipment, such as a grater or can opener, after shown how to do so safely and may assemble more complicated recipes (e.g. fresh spring rolls)
  • Eight to eleven year olds may make their own lunches and may use a stove with supervision to make basic recipes (e.g. omelets, quesadillas)

Try making quesadillas as a family; giving your child(ren) age appropriate tasks and letting them provide input on specific ingredients to include.

Basic ingredients: Small amount of vegetable oil, Vegetables (e.g. bell peppers, onions, zucchini, corn), Whole grain tortillas, Meat or alternative, cooked (e.g. chicken, tofu, black beans, scrambled eggs), Cheese, grated


  1. Lightly coat a skillet with vegetable oil over medium heat, add vegetables and cook until soft, then remove from heat.
  2. Lay tortilla on work surface and sprinkle half the tortilla with chosen meat or alternative, vegetables and cheese, then fold the tortilla to cover.
  3. Heat non-stick skillet over medium-low heat and toast quesadilla, turning once for about two minutes or until golden on both sides.
  4. Cut in triangle slices. Serve with salsa, if desired.

Adapted from Unlockfood.ca

Brought to you by Region of Waterloo Public Health and Emergency Services


  • Mon. Feb. 11 – Grade 7 Immunizations
  • Mon. Feb. 11 – Scientist in the Schools visits Rm 4
  • Tues. Feb 12 – 3D Printing Workshop – Skills students
  • Tues. Feb 12 – School Council 6:00pm
  • Wed. Feb 13 – Spirit Wear Day!
  • Wed. Feb 13 – Coding workshops visit Rm 5 and 9
  • Wed. Feb 13 – Body Image Presentations for Grades 6-8
  • Thurs. Feb 14 – Valentine’s Day!
  • Thurs. Feb 14 – Report Cards go Home
  • Thurs. Feb 14 – Pizza Day!
  • Fri. Feb 15 – Friendship Celebration in Gym (10:45am)
  • Fri. Feb 15 – Yoga Club at lunch
  • Mon. Feb 18 – Family Day Holiday – no school
  • Wed. Feb 20 – Spirit Wear Day!
  • Thurs. Feb 21 – Social Justice Movie at lunch
  • Fri. Feb 22 – Boys Basketball Tournament at Bennie’s
  • Fri. Feb 22 – Yoga Club at lunch
  • Fri. Feb 22 – ECI Troupe Presentation (whole school)