What a beautiful week to celebrate our Angels!  as always there is so much happening at St. Michael School and this week was no different!  We had our students participate in our Skills Competition over the course of 2 days at Conestoga College.  They created and built items to better the world!  We even had a team that engineered a prosthetic leg for a dog!  Such innovators!  We are very proud of our students taking home GOLD at the competition!  Thank you to Mrs. Starr for leading the way with our student champions!


We are also very proud of our Angels who participated in our Concours Oratoire – which is a French Speaking competition.  So excited that we were able to participate in this wonderful opportunity and are so proud our students who worked hard to prepare for the challenge of speaking in French in front of a crowd!  Thank you to Mlle. Sosnowski for all of your work in helping the students prepare for the competition.


What an amazing week of healthy challenges!  We had such great participation with the FITGO challenges that were presented to us.  We had classes that participated in activities such as making healthy foods, fitness tic tac toe, blindfold healthy eating activities and reflective anti-bullying learning.  All of this reminds us that it is easy to incorporate healthy living into our daily lives.  We do not only have to practice this for the week – but we can instill these practices into our everyday lives!


Thank you to all of our parent community for supporting our safe entry to school by ensuring that we do not park in the front of the school by the doors.  We have seen some great progress and will continue to work hard to ensure that it is safe for our bus students and walkers to arrive to school each and every day.


Just a reminder that our School Council is preparing pancakes for the entire school community on Shrove Tuesday.  We are trying to abide by our ECO friendly initiatives and are asking that all students bring in their own plate and fork for this tasty treat on Tuesday!  Pancakes will be served from 10-12 noon in classrooms.  Thank you to our School Council for this amazing treat!


We will be celebrating in mass on Wednesday March 6 to honour Ash Wednesday.  Father will be joining us to officiate the mass.  Students will be receiving ashes on Wednesday as well.  Please take some time to discuss this important day with your children and remind them of how we prepare for the Lenten season.


In January, Health Canada released the new Canada’s Food Guide. The new Food Guide provides evidence-based dietary guidance for healthy Canadians, two years of age and older. The recommendations in the new Food Guide include consideration of traditional foods, cultural diversity, environmental sustainability and the need to limit highly processed foods. The old rainbow has been replaced with a photo of a plate featuring healthy food choices and eating habits. The “all in one” paper tool has been replaced with a number of online resources.

The Food Guide encourages Canadians to:

The recommendations also go beyond food. The new guide provides advice on how to eat, such as cooking more often, enjoying your food and eating meals with others. There is also a section on healthy eating at school that provides tips on planning, preparing and choosing healthy school meals and snacks.

Take a look at the new Food Guide at Canada.ca/FoodGuide and enjoy planning and preparing one of the delicious recipes and eating a meal together.

Photo is a copy of a version from Health Canada (https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/services/canada-food-guide/resources/resources-download.html).


  • Mon. Mar 4 – ECO Presentations
  • Mon. Mar 4 – Grade 7 CAT4 Testing starts
  • Tues. Mar 5 – Grade 8 Grad, SK Grad and Sibling Picture Day
  • Wed. Mar 6 – Ash Wednesday Distribution of Ashes
  • Fri. Mar 8 – Umbrella Assembly
  • Mon. Mar 11 – 15 – March Break
  • Tues. Mar 19 – Girls Volleyball Tournament (PM)
  • Tues. Mar 19 – Safety Village – Grade 5 and 6
  • Wed. Mar 20 – Lenten Confessions