Hello Angel families,

In today’s announcement, the government indicated that a province-wide stay at home order would be implemented and that schools will continue to remain open, unless we are closed by an order from our regional public health partners. We have not received an indication regarding a closure decision yet.  School will continue to be open tomorrow and Friday.

Depending on how the April Break goes, we will need to be ready to respond to new direction from public health regarding a sudden pivot to remote learning. Out of an abundance of caution and a deep respect for the partnership we have with each of you, we will be sending home all of your children’s learning materials over the next 2 days, including their red learning kits, indoor shoes, water bottles and other materials used for learning. If you requested a chromebook while we were learning remotely in January, we took the liberty of preparing one for your child to use again after the break. If your technology needs have changed, please contact Mrs. Best by calling the office or send her an email and we will make sure your child has a device if the need arises for remote learning.

Thank you again for all that you are doing to support your children during these uncertain times. Every packed lunch, change of clothes, indoor shoes drop off and cleaned water bottle means even more when we are all struggling in this pandemic. But please know your children are absolutely amazing and are lighting up the school with their energetic spirit and joy that can be felt even when the mask hides the smile underneath! The learning and laughter will continue as we journey through the year together.

If further information is provided, I will be certain to send out whatever I learn and share any important updates.

Continue to stay well,

Mrs. Papp