The St. Michael School Community has a number of students with peanut / nut allergies. For some of these students, their allergic reaction to peanuts and nuts is produced by mere smell and/or peanut/nut residue on the desk, door knob or water fountain by a student who has eaten food with nuts and/or peanuts. An allergic reaction for a student  anaphylaxis can be life threatening and in many cases the reaction is very swift in onset.

Our school community needs to ensure the safety of all of its students and provide those children with this severe allergy a safe learning environment. As such, parents are to ensure that their children do not bring any food item containing peanuts / nuts to school for lunches or snacks (or special treats for class parties etc..). This includes products such as almond butter and “Wow Butter”, as it can be difficult to decipher such products from real peanut butter. Students are asked to wash their faces and hands and brush their teeth prior to coming to school if they have been exposed to peanuts / nuts or their
byproducts as part of their breakfast meal.

As our school community embarks on a new school year, we are endeavouring to make the school a safe environment for all our students and we greatly appreciate your co-operation and support.

Thank you,

Mrs. Papp