The Earth Angels ECO team is looking for your support in helping us to work towards our goal of reducing waste in the St. Michael’s School Community.  In Waterloo Region, plastic disposable cutlery (spoons, forks, knives) are not recyclable and these items end up in the landfill in large volumes. This year, our goal is to decrease the use of disposable plastic cutlery in our school. We plan to do this in 2 ways: 

  1. Bring Your Own Cutlery (BYOC): Students are encouraged to bring reusable cutlery (spoon, fork) to use when eating their lunches on a daily basis and during large scale events, such as our Festive Feast and Pancake Tuesday. 
  2. Spoon Lending Program: Students often come to school and have forgotten to bring a spoon or fork for items in their lunch (i.e. soups, yogourt, apple sauce). Rather than giving out disposable plastic cutlery, which has traditionally been the practice in many classrooms, we would like to lend children reusable spoons (i.e. hard plastic or metal) to use and return to be washed by our dedicated ECO team members.

Here is how you can help! 

  • Cleaning out your cutlery drawer? We are looking for donations of gently loved, reusable spoons. Reusable plastic and metal spoons will be accepted with gratitude! Please send them with a note indicating that the items are to be donated (“Spoon Donation”). 
  • Make an effort to support our cause by sending in reusable spoons for your child to use in their daily lunches.

Your continued support in our Eco Campaigns and initiatives are greatly appreciated! Thank-you for helping to keep our earth clean, safe and sustainable!!

St. Michael Earth Angels ECO Club