Thank you so much for a great first day of school!  The students were excited to start their learning – some were still getting used to the schedule – but all were smiling!

I would like to share some housekeeping items as reminders to start the year.


If you are planning on picking up your child early at the end of the day, please write a note/email the classroom teacher or contact the office to inform them of these alternate plans. You must come into the school to sign out your child.


The bus drops off at the front of the school  This is a NO CAR zone.  The only cars that are available to use the front parking lot are the JK/SK parents.  They will be able to use the Kiss and Drop.  Car passes will be given to families to display in their windshields as an identifier moving forward.  All dismissal takes place at the back of the school.  Parents can pick their children upon Winterhalt Drive.


Please be advised that all student agendas are on back order. In the meantime, communication can be via phone, writing notes or emails. Please refer to teacher suggestions/preferences for communication until our agendas arrive.


Please ensure that all start up packages, including all forms are due back to the office by Friday September 13th.

We are working hard to keep everyone safe and secure while they are at school.  Thank you for your cooperation with this.  Much appreciated and if you have any questions at all, please contact the school.


Mrs. Papp – Principal