Week of December 17, 2018

Monday, December 17th

  • 12:05 Choir Practice
  • 3:30 Boy’s Basketball Practice

Tuesday, December 18th

  • Trashless Tuesday – reduce the trash for school lunches
  • All Day Cake Walk
  • 2:30 Rm. 17 Advent Celebration
  • 3:30 Social Justice Meeting

Wednesday, December 19th

  • All Day Pajama Day – Spirit Day
  • AM Katie McArthur – Community Resource Worker
  • 10:25 Makerspace
  • 11:30 – 1:00 Mr. Gibson Providing Christmas Lunch for students and staff
  • 3:30 Boy’s Basketball Practice

Thursday, December 20th

  • 9:30 Gr. 1-8 Christmas Presentation

  • 12:05 Social Justice Meeting
  • 1:15 FDK and Music Presentation

Friday, December 21th

  • All Day Nutrition Free Day
  • 10:30 School Wide Christmas Concert
  • 12:05 Yoga Club – Gym
  • 3:30 School Dismissal


Christmas Luncheon:

Wednesday, December 19th, Mr. Gibson our Custodian will be putting on a Turkey Dinner for all the Students and Staff at St. Michael’s  School. FDK to Grade 3 will have lunch between 11:30 and 12:15 and Grade 4 to 8 will have lunch between 12:30 and 1:15 pm . Please set your schedules to work around these times for student attendance . The menu for this meal will be potatoes, vegetables, gravy a drink and of course turkey.  More information will come home as we get closer to the date. Let the Christmas Spirit Shine On.

If you are concerned about any allergies or issues with this event please speak with your child’s teacher or Mrs. Best.   A big Thank you goes out to Mr. Gibson, in advance, for taking on this task! NO CHARGE – COMPLIMENTS OF MR. GIBSON


Christmas Performances

This Thursday, our school will put on two Christmas performances for parents (9:30 and 1:15).  Please note that we have gone with two performances in an attempt to cut them down and create shorter events.  We want people to stick around for all acts so students are validated in their efforts. Please note that performances are 30 minutes after the start of AM and PM.  This is to allow classes to get settled and organized. Thanks in advance for your support everyone.

Week 3 of Advent: Joy

Advent is about preparation and reflection. At this point in the journey, we can’t help but realize that the Saviour is coming and we can experience a sense of Joy in all we do. Not the kind of joy that depends on how much we have, what car we drive or how many talents we have developed. It is the kind of joy that recognizes that Jesus came into this world because he wanted to…for us. Not for the person we are expected to become, but for the person we actually are. Simple, yet profound, unconditional love. That is the message that puts a smile on our face and that is the truth we want to convey to our students. Please join us in reminding your children this week how much they are loved and how we can experience joy as a people of faith together in the Advent Journey.