We are so excited to welcome you back after a fun-filled March Break!  We hope that you are rested and ready to learn as we have lots of learning to do! These next few weeks will see us participate in Lenten activities and engaging in our new Umbrella Theme of Autonomy.  We will be looking for lots of ways that we can recognize all of the goodness that our students show each and every day!  Keep shining bright Angels!  We see that you are working hard and we want you to know we are proud of you!



Autonomy is a skill that takes practice! Autonomy is:

  • Our ability to make decisions and have a say in the direction of our lives
  • Thinking for ourselves and confidently making choices when faced with uncertain situations
  • The feeling that our life and its activities are self-chosen and self-controlled
  • Our independence
  • Our ability to gather relevant information and make decisions


Having a choice in what we do helps us to feel more engaged with our school or work and this increases happiness and well being. When we have autonomy we feel empowered to make decisions that can improve our lives instead of feeling that our lives are outside of our control. Autonomy increases our motivation to do something and that makes our tasks feel less like work and more enjoyable. Making good choices and building autonomy takes time and practice. We will make lots of mistakes along the way, but mistakes are a good thing! We learn a lot from our mistakes, including how to make decisions that will help us find more joy and passion in our school, work and activities.

  • Tues. Mar 19 – Girls Volleyball Tournament (PM)
  • Tues. Mar 19 – Safety Village – Grade 5 and 6
  • Wed. Mar 20 – Lenten Confessions
  • Thurs. Mar 21 – Grade 8 – Camp Brebeuf Mtg – 6pm
  • Tues. Mar 26 – School Council Mtg – 6pm
  • Wed. Mar 27 – Lenten Mass (AM)
  • Tues. Apr 2 – School Council Mtg – 6pm